CLH Counselling 

Welcome to CLH Counselling, my name is Charlotte Harrison. 

I am an Integrative counsellor in association with Cyclestudio, supporting individuals with their mental health; as well as a variety of issues I also work alongside individuals who possess issues affecting their sports performance and their emotional and mental well-being. As an integrative counsellor there are several theories under my remit, specifically more CBT based counselling which would allow us to work together with both sport specific issues and life issues in parallel to reduce conflict.


I can work with individuals on issues that are affecting their sports performance, everyday life or coping with retirement/transition from sport. For some clients the work is around sports related issues such as coping with pressure, managing anxiety, maintaining a commitment to training etc, but for others it can be external factors outside sport, such as relationships, anxiety or job pressures. Often, it can be a combination of these things, managing the balance of everyday life that conflict with aspects from that of a sports mind set.


CLH Counselling can provide one to one sessions at a choice of venues depending on your area and preference of venue. All venues offer a private, confidential and safe environment that allow each individual a non-judgemental space to talk. Management of either time limited or long term counselling can be negotiated based on each individuals needs and therapeutic benefit.


As a counsellor I take a holistic view on each client and believe that what makes up ‘you’ as a whole is important. 


• Transitions from sport

• External social factors

• Coping with pressure

• Loss of enjoyment

• Fear of failure

• Competition stress

• Managing anxiety

• Coping with injury and rehabilitation

• Uncertainty about the future

• Self and past issues

• Burnout

• Issues around drug and alcohol use/ or for a referral to external services

• Depression

• Coping with disappointment

• Destructive patterns of behaviour

• Focus and determination#

For further information or to book an initial triage appointment contact Charlotte

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